Is more responsibility a good thing for you?

I’m about to say some unorthodox opinions here.  So I remind you these are just my opinions based on my own personal experience.

Years ago I was giving an injection to a woman who had about 3 weeks left of medical assisting school.  She was 25 years older than me and was excited to be switching careers.  She told me she was loving school and was looking forward to working in the medical field.  She shared that her instructors were all pushing her to become a nurse and eventually a nurse practitioner.  They said she was a natural!  Her response blew my mind…

She told me she no longer let compliments from others rule her life decisions. (That was my first “mind blown” moment- just because people thought she’d be good at something did not determine she WANTED to do it).

And then she said that she didn’t want any more responsibility beyond the role of a medical assistant.  She said she knew she could give excellent care in that role and would thoroughly enjoy and make a difference in her work.  This would also allow her to maintain her quality of life because she wouldn’t have to take her work home. (Second moment of “mind blown.”)

Now, I am not stating that if you want a role that carries more responsibility this is a bad choice.  Not at all.  This woman knew herself and despite the copious compliments she was given by others, she made the best self-care decision for her.

I will never forget that day.  At the time I was putting so much pressure on myself to go back to school to further my nursing career and yet I really didn’t want to.  I had been wooed by compliments and felt “well if other people think I should go back, I probably should.”  But as my dad would say, “That’s horse pucky!”

The should’s will get you every time.

For me, going back to school would have meant that my creative pursuits would yet again be put on the back burner.  And yet having creative pursuits in my life, have made me a better nurse!

So while it’s wonderful to get compliments from others don’t be wooed by them.  What do you want?  Will it make you a better caregiver?  Will you do better work with more responsibility, with less?  Decide for yourself based on what you want to do, not on what you should do.

And above all, take care of you.







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