Action is required.

I had an a-ha moment the other day, that would’ve made Oprah proud.  I had the day off and I knew what I needed to do: write another set for an upcoming open mic.  But what I “wanted” to do was watch non-stop episodes of the show “Jane the Virgin” * until my eyes went blurry.  The truth is I really did want to write, but my fear was kicking in.  Then I got hit with something…if the actors on that show had made the same decision I was making, to cave into their fear, there’d be no show.  They had to take action at some point.  They did not get where they are by sitting on their couch in their pj’s.  Let’s not fool ourselves here. They had to audition, face their fears, throw caution to the wind…all of it!

Making a decision to do something is not enough.  Action is required.  And I totally get how scary taking action can be.  Believe me.  Yesterday as I walked to the lounge where I was going to do an open mic, I started talking to myself out loud (it’s NewYork, no one batted an eye).  I told myself the fear I was feeling was a good thing.  I told myself, “From now on, when you feel this specific feeling, it means you are pushing yourself.  Get excited about this feeling, it means you aren’t stagnant.  You are alive and you are pushing past fear.”

“Everything you desire is on the other side of your fear.  If you push through, you will get it.  If you do nothing, you’ll get nothing.” -Mel Robbins

You are stronger than you think.  Think back to times in your life when you never thought you’d master something.  My fellow nurses, there was a time when we knew nothing, and felt like fake nurses am I right?  But we pushed past that fear, and then one day we didn’t feel like fakes.  It takes action, practice and patience.  This concept isn’t new to any of us.

You’ve done it before, you can do it again. You’ve got this.

Take care of YOU.

*(For those of you out there who are too spent after dealing with heartbreak all day to watch heavy shows, I really recommend this show…it’s a nice break from the harshness of life.)

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