“Rainy days and Mondays”…

A couple of weeks ago I was sharing with a friend, how rainy days are just plain hard for me.  My mood instantly plummets if it’s gray outside.  I can be humming along, loving life, and get a glimpse of the dreariness outside and BOOM!  I become very melancholy.  I’m envious of those of you who love a rainy day; who love nothing more than jumping around in puddles or cozying up to a good book, listening to the rain.  (Now for those of you in drought country, perhaps hearing me go off on rain when it’s clearly a luxury in parts of the country and world, is rather annoying, so feel free to read ahead).

By talking it out with my friend here’s what I realized.  It has become very much a given that when it rains consistently ie: more than one day, I get sad and start to tank emotionally. I’m generally a glass half full person, but not on day 3 of rain…believe me.  I recognize that sometimes it’s good to feel and be in the sadness, and conversely sometimes we need to be lifted out of the sadness so we can function.

So through our brainstorm session my friend offered this piece of advice, “What if you save certain things you love to do, for rainy days?  So instead of feeling a sense of dread on rainy days, you will feel excitement because you get to do those things you love to do.”

Isn’t she smart?  I also think this was a tactic of my parents in my childhood. Hmmmm.

One thing I would add to that idea, is make that initial list of things you GET to do on rainy days (or whatever your thing is) when you aren’t sad.  I am rarely energetic or motivated when I’m down, so trying to think of things that I love doing, needs to be brainstormed on “up” days.  Don’t set yourself up to fail by expecting yourself to come up with rainy day plans when you’re already sad.  Nope.  That’s not going to help.

In my case, music has A LOT of power over me.  Certain music makes me instantly feel better, and so that music is now reserved for my rainy days.  I love playing records, I love coloring (yes I mean coloring in coloring books, they are everywhere these days for adults…do it!), I love going to the movies, the list goes on. So, I am going to start a rainy day pile of things that are going to make me WISH it was a rainy day.

This Saturday it’s supposed to rain, YAY!  Ok….maybe it’s still a “yay…” But I’m trying!

Take care of YOU.




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