Identifying Your Own Personal Roadblocks

Last November I noticed that the gym one block from me was having an amazing sale. But when I walked in the walls were lime green and orange, with no windows.  And admittedly I was a bit judge-y about the clientele.  I felt like all the men were meat head/muscle men and there were very few women in sight.  I left after getting a tour, convinced that the aesthetic of a place was more important to me than proximity, and I’d find another gym.

A couple of weeks later they had an even more ridiculous sale and I got over myself and joined.  I knew that come winter, I would stop running and this would effect my emotional and mental health.

I have now been going consistently since November.  I took away a major lesson from this.  Don’t make things harder on yourself than they need to be.  First of all, how motivated would I have been if the walk to my gym was 15 minutes away instead of 2 minutes.  Would I go as often?  Probably not.  Why?  Because I know myself, and my motivation comes in spurts, which I need to capitalize on in the moment.  The more time I give myself to overthink and change my mind, the less likely I will be to do things.

Had I let my judgments get the better of me, I would have stopped running for the last few months.  While I do appreciate a gym that is aesthetically pleasing it turns out that really isn’t much of a road block for me…but traveling a far distance is.  

Make things easier on yourself.  If there are things you want to do more often such as exercise, throw potlucks, sing-a-longs, jam sessions etc, don’t make it an impossible feat to do.  Figure out what are the road blocks that prevent you from taking action and make it work for you.  What are motivating factors for YOU?  

I was also re-reminded that first impressions are not always correct.  I have a new found appreciation for my gym.  It’s a VERY diverse group of people, all ages, all races, all sizes, all types of folks. Pretentious it is NOT.  And that, as it turns out, is another motivating factor for me.

Take care of YOU.





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