Saying “yes” to experiences and “no” to material things.

I will be the first acknowledge that seeing an amazon box waiting for me after a long shift, can be a wonderful end to a day.  It has arrived!  That “thing” has finally arrived!  And while I will have the initial excitement of buying that thing, and then waiting for that thing to arrive, and then actually have that thing in my hands, my total excitement time probably only reaches 20 minutes.  And rarely does it create a precious memory.

A couple of years ago, I had a look around my apartment and became shocked by how much CRAP I had accumulated.  I had way too many kinds of shampoo, how many did I honestly need?  Shoes?  Forget it.  Hoodies….wait, don’t make me get rid of my hoodies. It was a lot of useless STUFF.

I had started replacing things with experiences.  I had gotten a little stuck.  For the first time in my life I was working a job that was steady, paid a living wage, and required me to get up at the crack of dawn.  I was now in grown up land.   Apparently I thought this meant that accumulating crap was the next grown up step to make.  Luckily, I opened my eyes that random day and made a decision that helped shape every year since.  I decided that before I bought any more things, I would ask myself a series of questions:

Do I already have something like this at home?  

Is this thing necessary for me to survive and/or do my job?

Is this thing something that will assist an experience (ie: hiking boots for a camping trip)?  

  • If yes, have I done my research on this item?  
  • Am I buying something simply because it’s on sale? (I’m a sucker for a sale)
  • Is it essential for this experience?

Once I opened my eyes to where I was spending my money, my life got a lot more interesting.  I was able to swing a trip to Sweden, take a tango class, and say yes to more random experiences because I was open to them.  Some of these experiences were free others were not, but without a doubt I had overlooked so many experiences around me because I was too busy accumulating stuff.  Re-shifting my focus was a game-changer.

This weekend I noticed the increase of crap in my apartment.  So I write this blog (per usual) for me more than anyone.  Time to get back to experiences!

Take care of YOU.





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