Notice what gives you JOY.

I am on a mission to start paying better attention to what are the things that bring me JOY!  It’s easy for me to lose track of what fills my life with sparkle when I barely lift my head up from day to day to notice what’s around me.

So this week I’m giving myself some homework, and I encourage you to join me.  Take note of the moments when you feel energized, or when you feel a quick moment of happiness or when your brain is suddenly alight with excitement.  Don’t let these moments disappear as soon as they arrive.  I encourage you to write these observations about yourself down somewhere.  Don’t expect yourself to remember things.  Life goes too fast and it’s common to forget something that mere seconds ago delighted you.

These little moments are all clues into who we are and what makes us tick.  I don’t care how well you know yourself, you still have a lot to learn or re-remember.  Allow yourself to be almost childlike in your fascination about yourself.  If it helps to look at yourself in the third person, try that.  Ex: When her friend starting talking about her trip to Morocco, SHE (third person) started to get all excited and asked her non-stop questions about the markets.

So why do this?  It’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day and to lose sight of that which energizes us.  These observations are clues into how to get unstuck, re-invigorated, and re-energized especially on the days when we feel like life is becoming stagnant.

You are WAY too interesting to lead a life that doesn’t excite you.  So start paying attention, and re-discover what makes you the fascinating person you are.

Take care of YOU.



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