“Create the things you wish existed.”

This quote holds a lot of power for me.  It’s the one that slaps me right out of my pity party and makes me take action.

My first night attempting stand-up, I went to a club that literally gave me the chills.  The energy in there was awful.  But I went up and gave it a shot.  After my set I talked to the ONE only other female comic at the venue and asked her if it was always that rough there, to which she replied, “Oh yeah, this place is the worst.  There is another venue that’s great though, check it out.”  She gave me the name of the place, and I discovered there was an all-female comic night.  Next week, I went to that club and my mind was blown.  These talented comics were on point.  If I was going to sit at the grown-up table, I was going to have to earn it!  But I digress…

Did that night always exist since the beginning of comedy clubs?  Of course not!  It was created by women who wished that kind of thing existed.  I’m SURE initially it was a bit of hassle, but in the end they got what they wanted.  And as is often the case, what they wished existed, in turn benefitted so many.

But here’s the thing, if you want to create something but you are the only person interested in it, still DO IT!  Don’t let other people’s interest or lack of interest hinder your drive.  Because this is a little clue into who you are, what makes you the fascinating creature you are.  Allow yourself to explore these ideas and see where they take you…it’s all part of the adventure!

Take care of YOU.



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