A podcast is coming…

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to pretend she had her own radio show with her cousins and little brother.  They would sit in the attic and talk about whatever came to their minds and record everything on an old boombox using worn out cassette tapes.   That little girl grew up, and after many bizarre twists became a nurse.  Blah blah blah, years later she wanted to do a podcast. (I had to cut that short, I could’ve gone on and on…)

So, here’s the plan:  I will continue writing for this blog.  However, I also want to do a podcast.  Because, why not! Ok honestly, it’s actually pretty intimidating and terrifying for me to “out” my dream to you all, but what’s the point of keeping this idea hidden in my journal?  Also it’ll be a little harder to punk out if I’m sharing this idea with friends.

Last night my brother went over all the podcast essentials, and I got so excited!  I can do this, it went from being a far off dream, to a reality!

I realize at one point in this blog journey I thought I would interview people and have it available to read.  But since then I’ve become a podcast junkie, and really enjoy hearing people interviewed.  I also have a long commute so podcasts are a great way to make a commute zoom right by.

For now, I will interview some wonderful people in my life who are also on the self-care bandwagon and have strategies, suggestions, ideas and life hacks to keep themselves emotionally, physically and mentally healthy.  If this concept resonates with you all and me, I will reach out to other folks as well.  If there are topics you want me to address, let me know!  I’m open to ideas.

I won’t be posting any podcasts for probably another month.  I want to have about 4 episodes recorded, before I share them. Once they are available, I will share all the information you’ll need to have access to them, along with the dates when they will be released.

Until next week, take care of YOU.




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