“Life is a series of tiny miracles. Notice them.”

There are weeks (and months) when it feels like all I do is work.  A month will go by and I’ll ask myself and others, “What happened to that month??  I don’t even know what I did!”

Now obviously I did stuff.  I worked hard, I interacted with people, I took care of others and hopefully took care of myself.  But did I look up?  Did I take a moment to observe life all around me?

It’s tempting to beat myself up for forgetting to smell the roses.  There were a million distractions all around me DEMANDING my attention.  But what if I out maneuvered all the distractions so that I didn’t miss the beautiful little moments all around me?

What if I started the day knowing that there would be a lot distractions, but in the spirit of Sherlock Holmes or my favorite childhood literary character “Harriet the Spy” I made a point of noticing the clues, or easily missed moments.  A couple of things might happen.  First of all, I would have an almost childlike wonder about my day, as I looked for little puzzle pieces of where the magic lies.  And secondly, my day would feel anything but boring.

Life is not boring.  It just isn’t.  We have lots to distract us but we have to push against the distractions and pay attention to the hidden good stuff.

This week I took a day off to be with my family who were visiting in town.  We took the Staten Island ferry (a free fun thing to do) and got an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline.  At one point we noticed there was a woman next to us.  She had the most delighted bright smile on her face.  She was having a magical moment, all by herself.  The wind, the sun, the view all of it was beautiful to her and her face showed joy and gratitude simultaneously.    We couldn’t help but delight in her happiness.  Had we just been concerned about getting the perfect photo we might have missed that special moment.

Look up, good stuff is happening all around you.

Take care of YOU.



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