“Eating crappy food, isn’t a reward. It’s a PUNISHMENT.” -Drew Carey

It’s fascinating that when I am feeling run down and overtired I do the last thing that’ll do me any good.  I eat horrible food.  Isn’t that a riot?  Instead of seeing my tired state as a sign that I need to take BETTER care of myself, and I do the opposite.

There’s always a brief little moment before I order that pizza or eat something from the vending machine where I say to myself, “Wait, wait, this probably won’t help….”  But then my overtired hungry self buys the energy-less “food” anyway.

I have my good weeks and bad weeks, good weeks are when I prepare myself ahead of time. Personally, I have to schedule in time to get my week ready by buying healthy groceries.  If I don’t make this a priority and just hope for the best, I will end up eating out of the vending machine….every single time.  I wrote about this previously and was given some great tips from some of you on Facebook.  Here’s some other discoveries I’ve made along the way:

I have started boiling eggs at the beginning of the week, that way if during the work day I need a protein kick I’ve got already prepared hard boiled eggs.  (One problem, they totally smell like farts…isn’t that the worst?  Warn co-workers first.  It’s the kind thing to do).

Drink water, stay hydrated!  Most of us do not drink enough water, and often times that lethargy or foggy brain of yours is because you are dehydrated.  It is often that simple!  If you are someone like me who STRUGGLES to drink water, maybe try seltzer?  Seltzer helped this former Diet Coke fiend, finally drink her daily allowance of aqua.  I’ve never looked back! Also really really avoid aspartame, that stuff is bad for you and may have been the culprit of my weekly migraines, which I’m happy to report are a thing of the past!

Make sure you have plenty of containers to transport your food to work.  I find that when I’ve left all of my containers at work, I always end of eating poorly even if I have a stocked fridge, because I have no way to transport the food into work.  This is a major bummer, with a super easy remedy, bring those containers home!


At the end of the day, I get that some weeks are harder than others.  But maybe if we change our mindset and think of healthy eating as an act of self love, and as a solution to our exhaustion, our moments of lethargy and apathy will be less frequent.

Take care of YOU.

One Reply to ““Eating crappy food, isn’t a reward. It’s a PUNISHMENT.” -Drew Carey”

  1. Great Blog You couldn’t stress that preparing-before-hand part enough. So crucial to the follow-through of convictions, as witnessed by my running clothes on the blue chair in the bathroom at bed time most nights. Thanks again Esther. pop


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