“What do you like about yourself?”

A friend of mine asked me the other day, “What do you like about yourself?”  It was a question I wasn’t prepared for.  Ask me what I don’t like about myself and I will rattle off multiple answers without having to think.  But this was a whole other ballgame.  It took me a little bit, and made me slightly uncomfortable but I was able to do it.  And once I started going down that road, it became easier to think about other things I liked about me.

Why is it we are so afraid to acknowledge what we like about ourselves?  No one wants to appear “egotistical” or “big-headed” or “full of themselves.”  But have we gone so far in the other direction at the expense of our self love?  I think so.

Many years ago, I was walking with a friend in Boston.  She saw her reflection in a store i window and I immediately thought we were going to be self-deprecating together and complain about our bodies.  This had become the norm those days.  But instead, she gave herself a once over and said, “Damn, I look good!”  I was shocked.  She did look good, and so did I.  But I had almost NEVER heard a women say that before.  How sad is that last statement?  I rarely heard a women compliment herself or her body.

So this week, I encourage you to ask this question of one another, and ask yourself this question.  But don’t stop there, notice those moments when your instinct is to beat yourself up or be self-deprecating.  Right now all you have to do is be present and aware of those moments, don’t beat yourself up for beating yourself up!  Be loving towards yourself when you notice the self-digust/loathing/hate.  Remind yourself, it takes awhile to change a behavior or mindset, and move on knowing you WILL get there.  And at some point in the near future, when asked, “What do you like about yourself?”  You won’t even hesitate!

Take care of YOU.


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