Look up!

When you are working non-stop, taking over-time shifts with no break or vacation in sight, you can get fooled.  You can forget that you are not your work.  That you are actually an interesting person who is smarter than a hamster stuck on a hamster wheel.  You can forget that there are amazing little moments happening all around you.  But you have to look up!

My two week vacation was part of my re-training to “look up.”  When faced with the unfamiliar: new countries, different languages etc  I had to look up.  And oh man, when I started to look up?  Magic.

But I refuse to believe this can only happen on vacation.  In fact, I know it can happen in your day to day.  In my case, the vacation just got me back on track.

The “magic” doesn’t have to be the most amazing moment of your life.  It can just be little moments of connection where you are pulled out of your tunnel vision.

I get my laundry done around the corner from my house.  One of the beauties of living in a city is a thing called “Wash ‘n Fold.”  I drop off my scrubs in the morning and in the afternoon they have been cleaned and pressed by someone else, for $10.  WORTH EVERY PENNY.  I’ve always wondered if I’m supposed to tip.  (Life lesson- when in doubt, give a tip)  So recently I realized it was the same lady washing my clothes every time.  So I thought, let me give a tip.  The smile that broke out on her face when I gave her the tip was so incredible and immediately infectious.  While I could be tempted to get all cynical about how money changes everything, I hardly doubt a $2 tip changed her life. I do however believe she felt seen and appreciated.

The relationship I have with this lady whenever I drop off my clothes is now incredibly sweet.  Language barriers aside, we feel gratitude for one another and it’s evident.

It’s a simple little thing.  But I looked up.  I noticed her, she noticed me.  A little connection, and suddenly I’m off the hamster wheel and noticing little moments around me.

Life is too incredible and we are way too interesting for us to be bored day after day.

Take care of YOU.




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