Luxuriate in your daily activities!

Once during a group interview I asked the candidates how they practiced self-care in their day to day life.  I immediately realized I hadn’t been clear because suddenly I was getting answers like, “Well, I shower every day!” “I brush twice daily.”  They thought I was referring to their hygiene practices and while they were right, that is self care, it wasn’t quite what I meant.

But today I was thinking about their answers it occurred to me that often daily living activities such as showering and brushing your teeth can be turned into the type of  self-care I was referring to. We need to take care of the bodies we were given.  So why not enjoy the process.

Shortly after I got back from vacation I zipped right back into New York mode and part of that was taking a rapid fire shower like I do in the early mornings before work.  Except, it was the weekend and I wasn’t working, so…why was I frantically washing?  (In fact, why am I ever taking rapid fire showers hmmmm…) No reason, except that’s what I always do.  Thankfully, halfway through the shower, I realized I had no plans post-shower and could luxuriate for awhile longer.

I have a friend who delights in the process of putting on make-up in the morning.  She takes her time, she allows herself that time, and feels fabulous by the time she walks out the door.

Take that bubble bath, use those special soaps you stole from a hotel because you liked how they smelled, lovingly moisturize your body, splurge on the face wash that makes you feel fancy.  Delight in the body you do have, and show it gratitude by lovingly caring for it.

Take care of YOU.

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