Planning your “cleanse” accordingly

Every day I hear about someone who is on a new detox or “cleanse.”  Whether it be from sugar, gluten, caffeine, or processed foods.  I get it and am mostly on board.  May I just suggest that perhaps being a little more deliberate about when to detox and how much to detox at once should also be a massive part of your plan?

 For instance, if you have a caffeine addiction, maybe quitting caffeine cold turkey, on one of your busiest weeks, is not the BEST idea.  Remember you are in the business of being present and emotionally available to others.  Stopping caffeine immediately will most likely make you grumpy and possibly less empathetic.  (I’ve both experienced this in myself and seen it in others).  That doesn’t mean it’s hopeless or that you shouldn’t do it.   It just means that being strategic about it while also being loving to yourself are crucial components to any detox.

Sure we can always make excuses for it not being the “right” time.  That’s NOT what I’m saying.  If you fear that it will never be the right time to cut down your caffeine or sugar intake, enlist friends, family or co-workers.  Work out a game plan that feels right for you, but also allows you to remain the caregiver that you recognize.

It does not make you a BAD person if you decide to hold off on that caffeine cleanse with your significant other because your upcoming week is going to drain a lot of your emotional energy.  Pick another time, or detox slowly and plan accordingly.  You’ve got this.

Take care of YOU.




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