When we make excuses, who are we really helping?

Let me start by updating folks on my podcast project.  It’s still in the works!  I have a couple interviews under my belt that I am learning how to edit.  However, my timeline did not take into account the importance of sound quality.  Turns out blowing fans, and rickety A/C units do not help the sound quality when attempting to record.  I’m not discouraged! I live in Brooklyn where 3 seasons of the year do not require fans or A/C, so it’ll happen and I will remain focussed and patient!  I want to thank you for asking me about where I am in the process, and giving me the courage to keep plugging along. Your encouragement fills me with gratitude.


Recently I had a podcast interview lined up, and we were due to have the hottest day of the summer around the interview time.  I had a lot of things buzzing through my brain.  Firstly, I was nervous about the interview as I’m new to this forum and (here it comes) what if I didn’t interview effectively, or make the guest feel comfortable, and who did I think I was anyway, and blah blah blah.  And secondly, the sound quality was possibly going to be awful from the loud A/C.  One thing I will not compromise on is sound quality.  So as the day approached, I talked with a confidante and asked her to let me know if I was making excuses or if any of these things were valid concerns.  She let me vent out my insecurities and she only gave me a pass on one thing, the sound.  So I contacted my interviewee and we decided to see about the weather the day of.  Turns out, it was perfect, no fans were needed and we had a lovely interview.

I realized how crucial it was for me to have someone look through all my inner muck and help me decipher real obstacles from made up ones.  In fact, one of the many things that has made getting older so incredible, is having people in my life be REAL with me.  Sometimes I am able to plow through the muck on my own, but other times I get so in my head I need help.

How much of our lives are spent making excuses?  How much time is lost because of this? My dad lays out his running clothes the night before so that when he gets up in the morning, he’ll have no excuse.  I had a friend who sleeps in his running clothes so he’ll have no excuse the moment he wakes.  We have to trick ourselves into taking action sometimes.  In my experience, we rarely regret it when we do.

Our time is so valuable so why do we waste so much of it making excuses?  Coming up with elaborate reasons why we shouldn’t do something?  Looking for other people to help us justify our lack of action?

What positive change in your life have you prohibited yourself from, due to elaborate excuses?  Hey listen, you might even have really well thought out excuses!  Guess what, it’s never the right time, and you’ll never be ready.  So if you’re like me and you need someone to push you, then reach out to friends.  In my experience, it’s preferable if they are someone who is also looking for a push in some aspect of their life.  Be each others champions!

And always always,

Take care of YOU.





One Reply to “When we make excuses, who are we really helping?”

  1. Really good one, chock full of practical examples which is always so much more helpful when dealing with tough subjects like this one. Way to go. Thanks! p


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