New season, new beginnings!

As we ease into September, I encourage you to take a breath and reflect back on the summer.  Allow yourself to remember and express gratitude for everything that you were able to do.  Instead of beating yourself up for things you didn’t do, look back on what you did do.  Maybe you didn’t get in as many beach days as you would’ve liked, but did you see some glorious sunsets, have important conversations, go on some good walks, or laugh so hard your stomach hurt?

As fall quickly approaches be deliberate about what you want it to look like this year.  Is it usually frenzied?  Is that how you like it?  What can you do so that you will be more present this time of year?  This is my favorite time of year, and yet often it’s gone before I even had a slice of pumpkin bread?!  When you feel yourself speed walking as if your life depended on it, or driving frantically, slow down.  Breathe, smell the air, open your window, and remind yourself that this is life right now.  Not in 5 years when you have paid off that credit card, or when you get a promotion, or when life is less busy or when you retire. Now.

Savor all things pumpkin, marvel at the changing leaves, appreciate the cool air in the evening, notice the sunsets, go for a stroll, eat your weight in candy corn, and express gratitude for what you have right now.

Take care of YOU.

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