Treat Yourself Like You Would a Guest!

I’m writing this post a little later than usual today, because I’ve been preparing my apartment for out of town (out of country actually) guests!  Nothing makes me look at my place differently than when I have company.  Suddenly I spot areas that need cleaning that I never even noticed! (Although to be fair I have never been a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning, apologies to all my former roommates!)

Anyway, yesterday and today as I was preparing I started noticing how much attention I was giving to their experience.  I purchased new sheets, a new comforter, and good and healthy food.  I was by no means breaking the bank, but I realized I was looking at these purchases differently.  I wanted them to feel special, cared for, and comfortable.

I think I finally had my “a-ha” moment after purchasing the expensive granola and thinking, “Hey, why don’t I ever buy this for myself?”  No one was stopping me.  In fact no one was stopping me from buying new sheets or comforter either.

While I am in no way condoning purchasing items beyond your financial means, what would it look like if you and I treated ourselves with the same attention that we paid to our guests?  Perhaps this will be a helpful tool for us.  When we are having a hard time treating ourselves well or don’t know where to start, pretend you are a guest.  What would you do for that person to feel loved, cared for and appreciated.

For the days that self care is hard, and the angry gremlins are taking over your head space, start small.  Instead of opting for crappy food that will only increase your self loathing, maybe opt for something special. Would you treat a guest to Dominos pizza and 5 lb bag of sour patch kids?  Probably not (unless you are 15, in which case well done, you are winning at life!).  What would you want them to have?  Start there.

Love thyself.

Take care of YOU.


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