Know thyself.

Last weekend I looked at the 10-day forecast and only saw rain.  I could instantly feel myself getting freaked out at the prospect of that much rain and gloom.  Sometimes a rainy day is welcome, but mostly they don’t do me much good emotionally.  It took me awhile to realize this about myself.  I mean c’mon,  I’m Irish! Thankfully, with each passing year I gain a little more insight into how I work.  “Research” has shown I don’t thrive in rainy environments.

However, when I looked at my week ahead and I saw that I had plans sprinkled throughout the week with some of my favorite people, I knew I’d be ok.  Additionally, I knew to avoid melancholy songs that would make me crawl into fetal position, to eat healthy-ish foods that didn’t make me feel lethargic and to exercise.

Now, I could be tempted to beat myself up for being someone I am not.  But honestly, where would that get me?  Instead I try (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t) to look at myself with some curiosity and kindness, like you might a small child.  Instead of trying to dissect WHY I don’t thrive in a rainy climate (or whatever the issues is), I am learning to move on to the adapting stage. Which quite frankly is a much better use of my time.  I also find I adapt quicker each time.  I also don’t expect that I won’t have to do the work each rainy day or that I’ll grow out of the melancholy eventually.  Nope.  It appears to be my thing.  So I’ve learned to come prepared.  I push through, armed with dinner with friends, movie nights and good long runs!

What would life look like for you, if you looked at yourself with curiosity and compassion?

Take care of YOU.







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