Examining your “good” excuses…

Here’s what I know:  When I am eating right, bringing a lunch to work instead of buying a lunch every day, and exercising at least 3 times a week, my negative self talk is minimal.   It really isn’t that complicated.

I make it far more complicated than it needs to be, however when I mess with this simple formula.  I like to test the waters like a teenager tests the limits with their parents.

“Let’s not exercise this week, you probably already walk enough!”I say to myself.

“I bet you aren’t really saving any money by bringing your lunch, instead of having one lunch out, why don’t you go out all week and you’ll probably be able to still save money!” (side note: I work in New York city, so it’s HILARIOUS that I think I could save money by eating out.  Bless my heart.)

“Sure you’ll probably feel better if you eat right all week, but it’s too time consuming to make a lunch every day.”

I’ve got to tell you that as I wrote out those excuses just now instead of keeping them in my brain, I starting laughing at how silly my excuses really are!  I encourage you to try writing your excuses down, but don’t beat yourself up over what you discover instead get a kick out of your teenage brain!  See how we fool ourselves?  See how much time we spend trying to trick ourselves out of making good choices that can only benefit us?  We’re a funny bunch of humans.

So I’m going to finish the post and go for a run.  My running clothes will not feel as comfortable as they have when I’ve been running regularly, but that is NOT a good enough excuse to not run.  I did just finish an espresso so I may get a cramp….Nope, still not good enough.

Here’s to challenging your teenage brain this week!  You’ve got this!

Take care of YOU!


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