“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you.” -Anne Lamott

Over the past few weeks I’ve heard a lot of people talk about “taking a break from Facebook.”  I too have said those words.  In fact I started realizing that every time I got on Facebook I’d get so worked up by soundbites and headlines that my mood would start to plummet.  What had started out as a quick break to look at my phone ended up being a major distraction that had a massive effect on my emotions.

I am not saying hide your head in the sand.  Never.  It is important to stay informed.  But if it’s a reflex to just go on your phone when there’s some down time, keep an eye on that. Try being more deliberate than that. Our job requires us to be present for others.  So if your entire lunch break is spent scrolling through Facebook, have you really nurtured yourself during that much needed time off.

I’m simply suggesting (mostly to myself) that we stay more awake and deliberate about where our energy is getting used.  If we feel like we never have any time to do the creative things we like to do, how much time has been spent looking at Facebook and Instagram seeing what OTHER people are doing.  Are you making room in that brain of yours, for YOUR ideas?  That’s not meant to shame you.  It’s just that you have stuff to offer others too.  And we are ready.  Let’s add some substance to what’s on people’s Facebook feeds.  Let’s blow peoples mind with some photos on Instagram that make them laugh, think, get inspired and then contribute themselves.


Let’s snap out of it together.

Take care of YOU.






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