It’s your call!

Every day we have options.  We get to decide from minute to minute how we look at life.   Are we going to be defeated or strong?  Are we going to feel hopeless or hopeful?  Are we going to look for those little glimmers of hope that exist in this world or only focus on the negative?

We all have our days.  Days where it just feels easier to keep our heads under the covers rather than deal.  Days when attempting to find the good in others or in life feels like an impossibility.  Days when sadness and negativity keep flooding in.  But at some point, we have to make a decision.  Who do we want to be?

Whenever I go to that dark place, and the sadness of the world seems to envelope me I like to remind myself that it is a miracle that I am even here right now.  In fact what are the odds that you and I even exist?  Nearly zero. I remember reading this article a couple of years ago.  I recommend you also follow this link and have your mind blown too.

We get to be alive and experience life.  Yes it’s hard, but it’s also INCREDIBLE.  For all the sadness, there’s also been so much JOY!  For all the heartbreak there’s also been so much LOVE.  For all the darkness there’s also been so much LIGHT.

So push through today.  Remind yourself of the beauty that exists, that’s all around you. Look up.  It’s there.  Make an effort to try and find little glimmers of hope.  And then, let some of that hope in.

“Now go forth and feel and act like the miracle that you are.” – Dr. Ali Binazir

Take care of YOU.



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