Thanks for reading!

This past year, it has been a pleasure to write posts for this little blog on a weekly basis.  I’ve been encouraged by your “likes,” private messages to me, and your conversations with me off-line about what has resonated with you.

Personally it’s been fun to get back into writing on a regular basis.  This blog has been a therapeutic way for me to process things I think about more publicly.  While I still write in a journal, blogging has forced me to be more vulnerable.  By sharing areas where I struggle in a public forum, I cannot pretend that everything is fine.  I have to do the work.

I’ve learned that once you start acknowledging areas in your life where there’s “room for growth” it gets easier and easier to be honest about it.  I hope to never appear to be the expert in self-care.  I hope it is clear to you all, that I started this blog because self care has NOT always come naturally for me.  I write based on areas where I’ve failed and then learned from my mistakes. Or failed and keep failing.  But that doesn’t mean I’m discouraged nor should you be.

We are works in progress.  Also no good comes from constantly comparing yourself to others and how they handle life/self-care or whatever word fits for you there.  Time spent wishing we were someone else or going down the self loathing black hole does NO ONE any good.  Especially you.

Every year I like to write a letter to myself to be read in a year.  I like to do it around New Year’s but it really doesn’t need to be.  In it, I write about what the year behind me has taught me.  Lessons learned, lessons yet to be learned, and areas where I am proud of myself.  I just opened my 2015 letter yesterday and it was encouraging to remember how far I’ve come.  We really do evolve.  I promise!  But it’s easy to forget your growth.  So if this speaks to you, I encourage you to try it.

Lastly, I have decided to continue to write weekly.  I always like to give myself the opportunity to assess if I want to continue to spend my time and energy on a project.  I don’t believe we need to be beholden to ideas if they are no longer working for us.  We are allowed to change our minds!  Isn’t that great?!

So I choose to continue to write.

Thanks for you support friends, I’ll see you next year.

And hey, take care of YOU.



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