Taking a closer look at your self-imposed rules.

I’m learning how to relax and actually recuperate.  I’m determined to get better at it.  My mental, emotional and physical health are counting on me.

I have Monday’s off, which I have named my “self care” day.  However, that day is often spent running around doing last minute errands before the start of my week.  For me, running errands is not peaceful or stress-free which means that on my self prescribed “self care day,” I’m actually practicing very little self care.  Writing for this blog, self care. Practicing 30 minutes of yoga, self care.  Taking a long luxurious hot shower (and not “priding myself” for taking fast showers), self care.  Doing laundry, getting groceries for the week, cleaning my apartment?  On Mondays, not self care.

Rather than paying attention to what my mind and body need, I go on autopilot and get things done.  At the end of my Monday the list of everything I have done that day is often impressive (but honestly, who’s watching??!?) but instead of feeling rested and recharged, I’ll feel SPENT.

Recently, I realized that part of the issue was I had these self imposed “rules” about when I was allowed to relax.  Does this sound familiar?

How many times have you heard yourself or others say, “I can’t relax until my house is clean?”  Or until the laundry is folded or until all my errands are done or blah blah blah.  Hmmm, those sound like self imposed rules to me!

You can relax, you are CHOOSING not to.  That is a choice.  Believe me, I get it.  For some of us it might feel wrong to relax before your to-do list is checked off.  But I promise you the earth will still revolve around the sun, and you might experience some real moments of tranquility in return.  Take a closer look at those rules and allow yourself some flexibility within them.  Loosen that grip on trying to control everything, and surprise yourself by relaxing when you “shouldn’t.”  I dare you!

“Leisure is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for good health, energy and workplace productivity.”  -David Posen

Take care of YOU.


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