Challenge yourself to be curious.

Last month I committed to doing 31 days of yoga.  This was an unusual “commitment” for me because I had long been convinced that I DESPISED yoga.  I almost took some pride in that fact.

Nonetheless, my feet were repairing from a running injury, and “Yoga with Adriene” was free on YouTube.  So I purchased a (way too thin) yoga mat and challenged myself to her 31 day program.  I was curious if my dislike towards it had been right all along.  Well, it was ROUGH.  I’m not here to lie to you and pretend that I am now a yogi.  I still can’t really touch my toes.  But, I did something I NEVER thought I could do and I ended up really enjoying learning something new.

And you know what?  It made me wonder.  What are some others things in life I’ve written off?  How about for you?

It is not uncommon in the caregiving field to get stuck in a rut.  Weeks will go by (especially in the winter months) and we will not even have noticed that it’s been a steady cycle of work, home, work, home.  Well cut it out.  You are WAYYYYYY more interesting than that.  May I remind you that you were once a curious little person?

I remember playing on the playground as a kid.  Often we’d turn over a big rock and discover a whole world under that rock.  It was simultaneously awesome and disgusting, right?!  Well that little person that was once fascinated by life, is still there!  Sure they may be tired, or haven’t come out to play in awhile, but they are still there.  Tap into that childlike curiosity and see what comes up!  Think back to what you liked to do as a kid and don’t judge what comes up.

I am a much better friend, nurse, partner, sister, daughter when I allow my brain and my creativity, room to play!  Among other things, your job ceases to be the only thing you “do.”  And that within itself is a little miracle worth exploring and celebrating.

Take care of YOU.


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