“Follow your butterflies.” -Unknown

There’s a whole world waiting for you right past your comfort zone.  It’s an exciting place too.  Possibilities, experiences, new perspectives, new and interesting people etc.  But here’s the thing, you have to take action to get there.  Ugh.  I know.

Recently on Facebook I saw someone post, “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce.”  Instantly everyone started commenting how that was true BUT they didn’t have the same amount of resources, money, or connections.  The point got totally overlooked because everyone threw down excuse after excuse.  It seemed to immediately trigger the “must be nice” response.  So instead of taking the quote as a reminder that we too are capable of greatness, it got lost on many (myself included).

You are braver than you believe.  If you’re not buying it, look back on your life and notice moments of bravery.  How many times have you interviewed for a job?  Did you wake up in the morning looking forward to an interview?  Of course not!  It’s utterly terrifying to interview for a job.  And yet you did it and chances are you’ve done it many times.

Moving to a new city, buying a house, saying “I love you,” ending a toxic relationship, asking for a raise, standing up for yourself, standing up for others, going to the gym for the first time in a long time, raising kids, saying no, saying yes, asking for help…

Don’t fool yourself into thinking bravery is for other people.  You’ve been brave many times, you’ve got it in you.  But the trick is you have to take action.

Mel Robbins is a motivational life coach who has a quote that has helped me push through my resistance and discomfort many many times.  She says, “You’re never gonna feel like it.”  That’s it.  You’re never going to be “ready.”  We stay put in life, because it’s comfortable there.  But there’s a trade off, it’s also…a little boring.  Don’t wait until you’re ready because that day will never come.

So when an opportunity comes down the pike that’s in line with your dreams, remember the words of Tina Fey:

“Say YES, and you’ll figure it out afterwards.”

Butterflies are a good thing, they remind you that you are alive and AWAKE!

You’ve got this.

Take care if YOU.





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