“Most things have been done, but they haven’t been done by you.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

One of the mind tricks that fear likes to play on us, is to convince us that our ideas “have already been done” so why bother!  Why bother?! Because you come with a perspective that is uniquely your own!  What have you got locked up in that brain of yours that is dying to come out?!  Share it with us, you have no idea the impact it might have.  And even if it has no initial impact on others, I promise it will have an impact on YOU! Getting in the habit of believing you deserve to take up space in this silly world, is the first step.  There’s plenty of room for us all.

In a couple of days I am giving a talk to around 300 people about self-care.  I am terrified and so excited simultaneously.  I’m giving this talk in front of people that are wayyyy better educated than I.  (For instance, I think my grammar was off in that sentence and they would totally know that).  Many of these folks are literal experts in their various fields.  But I’ve been asked to speak to these very same folks about practicing self-care.  Sure, it terrifies me.  And sure I’ve had moments when my mind has said to me, “And just who do you think you are, young lady?”  Or, “Oh that’s soooo cute that you think you have something to offer them, bless your heart.”  But at the end of the day, I will quiet that fear and remind myself that there is room for me up on that stage.  Yes it’s been said before, yes they’ve heard it all before.  But maybe, just maybe, my perspective and/or humor will add something.  And at the end of the day, I will get to talk about self-care which only ever helps me stay on track! I also will have pushed myself outside my comfort zone which as we know is where the MAGIC happens!

There’s room for you too!  (Well not that stage, they have a very packed agenda)  But other stages!  If I hear one more person tell me it’s “too late” for them to do something they love, I’m gonna lose it!  Yes, it’s too late for you to be a pro-basketball player (probably).  But it’s not too late to join or create a league!  If you are wishing something like that existed in your area, chances are other folks are too!  Create it!

Listen to your self talk this week.  If the words “it’s too late” or “who do I think I am?!” or “it’s already been done” pop into your brain, notice it and keep on moving toward your initial idea. That’s just fear trying to derail you, no biggie.  Push past it and keep on moving.

You deserve to take up space.  Got it?

Take care of YOU.




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