Choose Your Own Adventure!

It is easy to get lost in the world of adulthood.  We have bills to pay, rent or mortgage to stress about, laundry to do, dishes to wash, houses to keep clean, kids to raise, and jobs to go to.  All too often the thought of straying from the day to day and “living a little” can feel like a luxury.  (By the way, the phrase “live a little” is usually said in a negative tone when someone is asking you to do something and you’re being the responsible one.  So if that phrase is rubbing you the wrong way, think of it as an encouragement rather than a bullying phrase.)

What does it mean to “live a little?”  It is going to be unique for all of us but here’s my example from last night.  My boyfriend and I were heading back to the city after a relaxing time in New England.  We found ourselves not wanting to end the restorative weekend by going home to laundry and chores.  Instead, we allowed ourselves to hold off on “adulting” and enjoy a tasty meal followed by a movie in Manhattan.  Did we have laundry and chores to go home to?  Of course.  But we will ALWAYS have laundry and chores to get back to.  By straying from our Sunday night routine, we exposed ourselves to things and new thoughts that we would have otherwise completely missed.

Remember those “Choose your own adventure” books?  You are actually living in one of the those books right now.  Every minute of every day, you get to decide what path you want to go down.  Sometimes it can be an extreme choice, like moving to a new city, and other times it’s a simple decision to luxuriate in the shower a little longer or take a different way to work.  Regardless, I found it’s helpful for me to think of my life as one of those books.  This allows me to remain mindful of the fact that all day every day I am making choices.  Sticking to your routine and not straying from it?  That’s a choice.

So this next week, when the monotony starts to kick in, remember monotony is a choice and perhaps it’s time to choose your next adventure!

Take care of YOU.





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