Feeling stuck? Time to practice the ridiculous.

There is power in being ridiculous.  Sometimes the best way to practice self care is to just allow yourself to stop thinking.  To take a break from the daily existential crises and stop analyzing your life, your decisions, and “what it’s all about.”  And instead allow yourself a healthy dose of the ridiculous.

What constitutes “ridiculous” for you, could be somebody else’s norm.  So avoid comparisons and just go with your next ridiculous instinct.

Two years ago, my friend was visiting from PA.  I was in a personal funk after yet another break up, and feared I was not going to be very good company.  On the way to Penn Station to pick her up, I saw a purple wig in a store window.  It instantly cheered me up and I thought,”What the hell!”  Minutes later I was walking down the street in my new purple bob.  I physically felt different.  Suddenly I wasn’t sad and defeated Esther, but a sassier version of myself with a fabulous purple wig.  It was almost impossible to feel miserable with this new look.

Another time I got the urge to sing “Tomorrow” from the movie/play Annie while at work.  I started breaking into song and suddenly had patients and nurses joining in.  Not the most professional moment of my career, but certainly one of the most memorable.

Yes we are adults.  Yes we have responsibilities.  But if we simply go through the motions day in and day out without paying attention to what awakens the child still inside of us, we can get stuck.

The world needs you unstuck and totally ridiculous.

Take care of YOU.




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