Allow yourself to get lost!

Years ago I had a friend tell me he had a hard time tracking my life so far, and wanted it drawn out on a poster in timeline form.  I remember feeling both pride and concern about this comment.  On one hand my life was already full of all sorts of wild adventures, but on the other hand was it ever going to make sense as a whole?  Was I maybe a little lost?

The answer is yes, I was more than a little lost, I was majorly lost.  Thankfully.  Yes, I wrote thankfully.  When did we decide that we were supposed to know where our lives were headed at 18?  That’s bananas!  Have you interacted with an 18-year old lately?  They are still babies, with adult-ish bodies.   I mean no disrespect to them (or to our former 18-year old selves), but they have had very little time to separate what makes them tick as humans with the cultural and familial expectations that are placed on them.  They are at the very very beginning stages of figuring themselves out.  And so are we.

My life has been full of random ideas, and loads of starts and stops.  If I completed my timeline on a poster now, it would be all over the place.  Now some of it is starting to make sense.  Some of the random journeys are looking a little less random as the years go on.  But…it doesn’t have to!  We need to never stop exploring what makes us tick.  Others may not understand why we are suddenly drawn to that pottery class or learning guitar etc.  But we don’t have to understand everything.  It doesn’t have to all make sense, now or ever.  Isn’t that awesome?  There’s so much freedom in that.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.” -Rumi

Take care of YOU.





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