Go on, make a vision board. Why not?

When you hear the words “vision board” does your skin crawl?  Or do you suddenly want to run to Michael’s and get poster board and cut up magazines or start pinning on Pinterest?  Or do you have no idea what a “vision board” is and suddenly feel left out?

Well regardless of where you stand, let’s talk a little bit about them.  Vision boards are essentially a way to help articulate and focus a life goal in a physical way.  A way to get ideas out of your head and on to paper (or a Pinterest board).  Typically you don’t just put words on paper or Pinterest board, but also pictures of what you want in your life.  The pictures are there to help you visualize better what you long for instead of having an unclear idea of what your dream would look like.

So what’s the point?  Where do I start?!  First, there’s power in acknowledging your dreams and not just keeping them in your head.  If you never let any dream come out of brain and out of your mouth, think of how many things you would have not done?! When I first considered the possibility of being a nurse, I was in the Peace Corps in Romania.  I remember having a drink with a friend and verbalizing the insane idea of going back to school for nursing.  My friend (lucky for me) was totally supportive and together we started imagining my life as a nurse.  A verbal vision board. (Although after that conversation I made a physical one as well) We visualized what type of nursing I’d do, where I’d work, what I’d wear (yes even that)!  I had to picture myself in scrubs in order for the idea/dream to start to feel like an attainable thing.  In fact, I encourage you to get that specific.  It forces your brain to take this dream seriously.

Secondly, sometimes we need a forum to begin to figure out what we need and/or want. The vision board can serve as tool to help you get to the bottom of things.  If your life is not where you want it to be, creating a board helps you figure out what you feel is missing or lacking.  As the board starts to fill up, you will start seeing common themes. These themes are clues into what you want.  This is an essential exercise when you are feeling stuck.  It starts to wake you up again and remind you of what you enjoy, what makes you feel like YOU.

Next, this board needs to be placed in a prominent place or in a place that you will look on a regular basis.  Why?  If these are truly goals you want to achieve in your life, they need to remain a focus in your life.  You need to be reminded of where you are headed on a regular basis so you can stay on track, otherwise I promise you, other things will distract you.

If you are the perfectionist type I really encourage you to try and let that go when you are creating your board.  It doesn’t need to be perfect and it’s ok if you forget something or if it’s a little messy or not as artistic as the examples you saw on Pinterest.  It just needs to get done.  Because once it’s done you can start prioritizing your life and focussing on the things you want in life and not let the mundane distract you from your goals!

Have fun with this! Get excited about it!

Take care of YOU.


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