“The best time to celebrate is whenever you can!”

Who says that you only get to celebrate certain occasions?  Yes birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, weddings, baby showers etc are all worth celebrating!  But sometimes we need to celebrate other things as well to remind us we are ALIVE!  If you are reading this, you are both alive and have been given the gift of literacy.  Celebrate that!

I may have already shared this story, so apologies to the avid readers of this blog.  But years ago I had the privilege of working with a chef who volunteered at the shelter where I worked.  Some time before I met her she had gotten into a bad car accident with her new husband and miraculously they had both made it out alive.  Their perspective instantly shifted as did their gratitude for the life they were able to live even longer. So they decided to celebrate life every chance they got.  They celebrated the fact that they found each other against all odds, late in life.  They celebrated that they were given even more time together on earth.  They celebrated everything.  And no, it did not lessen the specialness of the celebrations, but instead increased their ability to see gratitude everywhere in life.  And let me tell you, this chef oozed with sparkle.

Sprinkle some sparkle wherever you can.  This doesn’t mean that every celebration has to be one that breaks the bank.  But maybe use the cloth napkins for your dinner at home, or light some candles, or suggest to friends that you do a potluck, or picnic at the park, or have an ice cream sundae party.  But above all, remember to make it a celebration.  Take a moment during your celebration to acknowledge your gratitude for whatever you are celebrating.

Let’s all be like that chef.  Let’s ooze with sparkle!

Take care of YOU.



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