Hit the pause button a couple times a day (and other lessons I learned on vacation)!

I’m on the final day of my two week vacation.  It can be best described as, “Whoa!”  Per usual I’ve been left with many little lessons that I hope and plan on taking with me, moving forward.  Now before I write about some of my take-aways from these past weeks, I just want to put out there how much I value travel.  You don’t have to break the bank to do so, I rarely do!  Every time I travel, I start to see parts of myself that I’ve missed or forgotten about, begin to resurface.  Travel will wake you up.  So if you are reading this and feeling a little stuck in life, I encourage you to take a chance and travel.  I sincerely doubt you will regret it.

So where did I go?  My mom and I travelled to Scotland, Sweden and Norway.  One of the first glaringly obvious differences between my life in New York and life where we travelled was the importance of breaks during the day.  We had the honor of traveling around Norway with dear friends from Sweden.  We road tripped throughout Norway and they introduced us to “fika.”  We learned that fika is a Swedish term essentially describing a break in the day (typically one mid morning and one mid afternoon) where you have coffee and a snack.  Though typically in Sweden they may have 7 different types of cookies as the snack, which is obviously my preferred option.  (On a side note, workplaces incorporate this into their days as well and often provide the snacks and drinks, bravo Sweden!)  So, as we drove through the incredible beauty of Norway, we also made sure to stop and take real breaks (fika).

Initially my body and mind weren’t used to breaks, and instead I was focussed on getting to our destination.  I assumed we were supposed to scarf down our food as quickly as possible so that we could get back on the road.  I was wrong.  A break is actually a break.  You are meant to taste the food, savor the coffee, and enjoy the view.  After the 4th fika, I finally caught on.  I allowed myself to hit the pause button like my traveling companions and finally be present with no other agenda.  Turns out, that’s where the magic happens.  Because we incorporated this idea early on in our trip, I was able to reframe my thinking from focusing solely on the destination to instead enjoying the journey as a whole.

So this leads me to my next lesson: enjoying the journey.  How many quotes have we all read about this?  I’ve read MANY.  But when you are dealing with some tough things in life it can feel obnoxious when you are reminded to “enjoy the journey not the destination.”  If someone said that to me, while I was going through it I might be tempted to bop them in the nose…or definitely throw them an eye roll.  But it became clear to me that the journey we had throughout Norway had come to pass because all four of us where ready for it now.  Had there been other opportunities before?  Sure.  But they never quite took flight.  However my mom and I never gave up on the dream of getting to Norway.  And suddenly the timing was right.

My last little lesson learned was that dreams can come true.   It was awesome to watch my mom live her dream of getting to Norway.  It was awesome to watch my friends be honored to help her get there.  It was incredible to be reminded that dreams are often achievable and within our grasp!  I don’t believe in keeping dreams to yourself.   My mom and I got to Norway because our dear friends got the wheels in motion after I voiced her dream.  There are people out there that will help you make your dream a reality, but you’re going to have to make it known.  Do it.

Take care of YOU.




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