Merging Your Worlds

Music has always been one of my favorite therapists.  If I am low energy I can put on certain songs and feel a jolt of life shoot through me again.  If I am sad, songs can lift me. The point is music has always been a part of my life, in a very positive way.  Interestingly enough, this past week I realized music was essentially absent from my work life.

The transition back to work after a relaxing weekend can feel rocky.  So why not incorporate what you enjoy about the weekend into your work week?  Bring together the two worlds.  Last week when the 3 o’clock slump hit me, I realized I felt like dancing.  I had a 3-minute window, found an empty exam room, and danced my heart out to a song by Robyn.  At first, I was almost shy.  What was I doing dancing in a room by myself?!  But as the song picked up, so did my energy.  Before long I was grinning from ear to ear, dancing my ass off.  I woke right up!

When you work in a medical facility it can be hard to bring creativity into the work place.  You aren’t allowed real plants because it’s an infection control issue.  Often the colors on the walls feel anything but therapeutic.  It can feel sterile and bland.  It can feel like an impossibility to infuse creativity into your environment.  But what if you took this as a challenge?

This week I challenge you to take a look around your surroundings and make them more cosy and restorative for YOU.  If there’s nothing you can physically do to change your surroundings, think outside the box.  Find a room where you can have a spontaneous dance party.  Challenge your co-workers to play music that isn’t just Top 40.  Change your screen saver.  Use your breaks to revitalize yourself.  Think about what you enjoy so much about the weekend, and see how you can incorporate that into your work day.

You’ve got this.

Take care of YOU.




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