Reframing aging as a blessing not a burden.

In one week I will be 39.  Whoa momma.  How the hell did that happen?  While it is a bit daunting to realize I’ve been alive that long, I refuse to get bummed out by birthdays.  We used to get excited about them, even delight in them!  Suddenly I hit a certain age and people started to say, “Don’t you just hate birthdays?”  No, I do not.

I refuse to look at getting older as a cross we have to bear.  I’m grateful for my life.  I’m grateful for each year I’ve been able to live it.  I hope that I get to have many, many more birthdays!  I hope the same for you.

I used to put so much pressure on my age.  I had ideas of what I wanted to achieve by then.  Bad idea.  Especially for me.  I’ve never been conventional and I’m a classic late bloomer (according to societal norms).  So why I thought comparing myself to others based on their achievements at certain age was a good idea, is beyond me.

So a couple of years back, I slowly started to let it go.  I’m still in the process of letting go society’s expectations and discovering what I want.  But I promise that if you are clinging to a timeline and not allowing life to shift and evolve that timeline, get ready for some heavy duty inner work when it doesn’t go as “planned.”

Embrace where you are right now.  And if the actual number of your age starts to bum you out, break out this quote to reset your mindset:

“Age is irrelevant.  Ask me how many sunsets I’ve seen, hearts loved, trips I’ve taken, or concerts I’ve been to.  That’s how old I am.”  -Joelle

And hey, thanks for continuing to read my little labor of love that is this blog.  I appreciate you.

Take care of YOU.


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