The trouble is, comfort zones can be quite cozy, but…

For all those quotes about getting out of your comfort zone, they rarely talk about how really cozy it can be in your comfort zone.  That’s why the appeal to stay right there can be so hard to argue with.  Sure I could go after my dreams, but I have some good shows to catch up on, some new sweatpants to wear in, and quite frankly I’m tired.

You feel me?  Our comfort zones are not necessarily very interesting, but they swaddle us up like a baby, and protect us from the unknowns.  And because we are an anxiety-ridden group of humans, we gravitate towards to the familiar.  It’s less scary.

Now I write all this because it’s been a while since I’ve really pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I can feel the change a-comin’.  And, I’m tired.  So everything in my body is saying, “Watch your shows, get some snacks, and lets curl up and veg out.”  But there’s another part of me that’s getting reactivated again and reminding me that every single time I’ve tugged at that little string of curiosity that shows up in my life, adventures ensue.

Remember it’s our job to remain curious.  Even if you are burned out, overworked, bored, frustrated, and/or angry don’t lose your curiosity.  Because in the midst of all those emotions, curiosity can be the thing that lifts you out of your haze and comfort zone.

“Curiosity only does one thing, and that is to give.  And what it gives you are clues on the incredible scavenger hunt of your life.”  -Elizabeth Gilbert

So if your dreams are feeling unattainable right now, or you don’t even know what your dreams are because you have no head space for dreams, follow your curiosity.

I used to keep a little notebook in my pocket, and every little curious or inspiring thing that popped into my head or came up through conversation went in that book.  That’s all it was for.  And when I’d feel the need to be re-inspired I’d page through that book and get reinvigorated.

You are not your situation, or your job title, or your role, or your income bracket.  You are a unique, creative, fascinating, curious person who will not be fooled by the coziness of your comfort zone.  See where your curiosity takes you, write down every little thing that seems to wake you up even if it’s ever so brief.  Chances are 5 seconds later you will be bombarded with something else that’s attempting to take your focus.  Plant that idea to paper, in fact honor it by putting that moment of sparkle on paper, so that it no longer remains in your head and you will be forced to see where the idea might take you.

You’ve got this.

Take care of YOU.





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