Moving from “change is hard” to “change is exciting!”

A new year is upon us!  What a relief. A lot of people are feeling the momentum that a new year gives us.  Clean slate, new start, new intentions, new goals, new beginnings etc.  I love that about the new year.  It allows us to hit the reset button, take inventory on our lives, throw out what didn’t work and keep what did.

Today I want to focus on the “throwing out what didn’t work” part.  We are complicated individuals.  What motivates you, may not motivate your best friend, partner or co-worker.  So don’t beat yourself up, if their form of motivation doesn’t suit you.  For example, if your friend has a morning routine that you envy, give it a try.  But if you aren’t a morning person, and after giving it a shot for 3 weeks you feel more exhausted than refreshed, find something that works for you.  Maybe your inspiration or routine needs to happen at night.  Pay attention to how you tick, and what motivates you.

I have loved having Monday’s off, and for 4 years that has been my normal.  I have to say its been mostly WONDERFUL.  But recently I noticed that my energy was so low by Wednesday night after working two back to back doubles, that I wondered if it was really worth it in the end.  And because I have had Einstein’s quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” in the back of my head, I am making a change.

Starting in 2 weeks, I am back to a 5-day work week.  It will no doubt be quite the adjustment.  However one thing I know about myself, is it’s vital I mix things up.  Even things that seemingly appear small, often have an overriding effect on my whole being.  Giving myself the room to change up my “normal” starts to free me up a bit.  It allows me to think outside the box and look at some others areas in my life where the patterns aren’t working in my favor.

People always say that “change is hard.”  Well it will continue to be so if that’s what we keep saying about change!  What if instead we said, “Change is exciting!”  (Granted, this can’t work in all instances but it can for many.)  It’s common to brace ourselves for the worst with each new change.  What would it be like instead to anticipate the best that could happen?  Or look forward to the unknown blessings that will come from mixing it up?

If you look at change as a negative, dare yourself to find the positive in it in 2018.  It may require looking really really hard.  But do it anyway, because I promise you will positively benefit from focussing your energy on the good.

Take care of YOU.




4 Replies to “Moving from “change is hard” to “change is exciting!””

  1. I love reading your thoughts …. its like watching the waves of the ocean dancing.
    Thank you for sharing 🤗


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